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Your partner in Brabant

Free services | Legal, tax and site selection | Specialists in industry sectors | Huge network | >75 combined years of foreign investments experience


When you relocate, set-up or expand your business, you need the essentials  to be taken care of quickly and thoroughly. BOM Foreign Investments is your partner every step of the way providing a comprehensive range of services and support to help you save time and money. 

A local team of experts are at your disposal - free of charge – on a wide range of subjects. Whether it be issues with building permits, finding new premises or sites for development, questions on employment law, understanding tax incentives or help with business development and networking, we can help you.

We’ve been doing this for 30 years and look forward to sharing our experiences with you. Contact us now and find out how Brabant can help you grow your business and people.

Routeco to success

Routeco to success

Tony Usher: "With BOM we felt that we had a local person on the ground when we were not yet in the country and that was very useful in those early stages. In all our meetings they were enthusiastic and welcoming and they did everything they could to make it an easy transition. Their input was invaluable."


  • Information
    Domestic and regional regulations are demystified via our team of experts, and information relating to tax rules and the business climate in your industry is provided.
  • Network
    Relationships and talent acquisition are key to a company’s success and often prove to be powerful differentiators. We introduce you to our huge network, so that you have the best contacts right away. 
  • Site selection
    Where and when? These are the biggest decisions of all.  We see you through the site selection process from start to finish and keep showing you sites until you find the perfect location.


Based in Tilburg BOM Foreign Investments is part of the Brabant Development Agency (BOM) made up of 100 highly specialized and motivated people. To facilitate foreign investments in Brabant, we combine our services with the unique expertise and support of our colleagues at BOM. This expertise includes supporting R&D programs and initiating and stimulating innovative industrial projects as well as support in financing privately owned companies.