Your headquarters in the heart of Europe

Getting to and from your HQ for your employees, customers and suppliers has never been easier thanks to Brabant’s strategic location situated in the heart of Europe. Our region borders both Belgium and Germany and has three international airports (Amsterdam, Brussels and Dusseldorf) and several European destination airports close by. Add to this the convenience of high speed railway links to many destinations, including the UK and France, and your business travel options become wide open.

Foreign companies with headquarters in Brabant

Tax Climate, Labor Force and Infrastructure

We pride ourselves on a neutral, pro-business and economically stable environment that offers your business – whether a Fortune 500 company or SME - clear operational advantages as well as a great quality of life for your people.

Based in the Netherlands, a leading site for European Headquarters, Brabant makes it easy for you to compete in Europe’s highly competitive environment via:

  • a supportive corporate tax structure
  • an abundance of highly educated, multi-lingual and multi-skilled employees
  • affordable real-estate
  • sophisticated communications infrastructure
Advantech and Brabant: Partnering fo Smart City & IoT Solutions

Advantech and Brabant: Partnering fo Smart City & IoT Solutions

Chaney Ho: “Our mission is to deliver connected, managed and secured solutions to make life, living and working smarter with our partners from different industries. When it comes to the European market, Brabant has proved to be the perfect seed-bed. Establishing our European headquarters in the Eindhoven region has allowed us to come one step closer to achieving that mission.”

When you relocate, set-up or expand your business, you need the essentials to be taken care of quickly and thoroughly. BOM Foreign Investments can be your partner every step of the way providing a comprehensive range of services and support to help you save time and money. And, as BOM is a public organization, all our services and support are 100% free of charge and confidential. Feel free to contact us, we are happy to support you!