Face the outside world with experienced Sales & Marketing in Brabant

Perceptions are hard to change and so making sure your face to the outside world reflects your company’s image and values is worth getting right. You need specialized marketing expertise and a motivated sales force made up of people you can trust with your customers. Look no further!

Foreign companies with sales & marketing operations in Brabant

Our people have experience with global sales and marketing driven companies, and can help you make a difference by powering up your sales and boosting your credibility.

The Netherlands and Brabant are globally recognized as the perfect climate for international sales and marketing operations. Here’s why:

  • strategically located in the heart of Europe, bordering Belgium and Germany
  • an abundance of multi-lingual, multi-skilled sales and marketing people
  • sophisticated communications infrastructure
  • affordable real-estate
  • a supportive corporate tax structure
  • high quality of life

When you relocate, set-up or expand your business, you need the essentials to be taken care of quickly and thoroughly. BOM Foreign Investments can be your partner every step of the way providing a comprehensive range of services and support to help you save time and money. And, as BOM is a public organization, all our services and support are 100% free of charge and confidential. Feel free to contact us, we are happy to support you!