“We feel at home in Eindhoven,” says Mapscape’s Managing Director Henk Eemers. “The High-Tech environment provides us with the services and suppliers we need, especially when it comes to software engineers. The Technical University Eindhoven ensures a solid pool of Dutch and international talent.” Mapscape’s team of one hundred employees is made up of eighteen different nationalities.

Established in Eindhoven in 2007, Mapscape is now one of the world's leading independent providers of software services for the automotive navigation industry. Founded as a spin-off from Philips Car Systems to further develop car navigation systems, Mapscape began operating as a full subsidiary of NavInfo Co. Ltd, China’s leading provider of navigable digital map data, dynamic traffic information and automotive telematics services, in 2011.

Since acquiring Mapscape, NavInfo’s operations in Eindhoven focus on Sales and Business Development activities, while Mapscape functions as the partnership’s innovative engine. Together, Mapscape and NavInfo have expand prompting their relocation into a new location in July 2014. A few meters from Mapscape’s previous site, the new headquarters is located near Eindhoven airport and boasts 2,000 square meters of office space.  

BOM Foreign Investments has provided support to both organizations in their continuous search for growth opportunities in the market since 2011. “BOM’s support during our search for a new location kept in mind our values to be an open, communicative, innovative and high-tech company at heart,” remembers Eemers. “During our initial research on knowledge migrants, BOM also provided Mapscape with support by answering our questions on immigration, work and residence permits and the highly skilled migrantscheme.  It was much appreciated!”

Mapscape’s core activities, including compilation and incremental update services for the automotive market, the design of complex software for the production of digital navigation maps, and the development of innovative sensor fusion map services, have brought the company in contact with partners and clients from all over the world. Counting TomTom, Here and Garmin as partners and BMW and Volkswagen as clients, easy mobility and access from Brabant to the European and international markets is important for Mapscape. “Brabant is a central location for travelling to Europe,” says Eemers, which is particularly important to Mapscape for maintaining their relationships with major automotive OEMs in Germany.

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