Nourishing the world from Brabant

If it’s innovation you’re looking for then Brabant is the place to be! The region has a powerful R&D infrastructure and countless high tech initiatives including state-of-the-art processing lines and livestock breeding solutions.

You can find the combination with sophisticated, cross-sector collaboration mechanisms in life sciences, chemicals and healthcare in Brabant, which means you can rely on a significant breadth of expertise in food processing, nutraceuticals and animal health. 

The Netherlands is the second largest exporter of agrifood produce in the world, following the USA – 230 times its size! 

Your agrifood neighbors in Brabant

As one of the world’s most innovative, efficient, productive and sustainable agrifood locations, Brabant is home to 25% of the top 40 global agrifood companies. Ideally located as the gateway to Europe, the region also offers the full agrifood value chain. From agriculture, breeding, food processing and equipment through to specialized packaging and food grade logistics. 

Driscoll’s and Brabant: Developing Fresh Innovations in Fruit Distribution

Driscoll’s and Brabant: Developing Fresh Innovations in Fruit Distribution

Pulles: “We need a large number of what we call ‘green profiles’ - employees with a study background in agriculture. The HAS University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch has specialist higher education courses in agriculture and we hire graduates from the school."

Priority agrifood segments in Brabant include:  

  • Breeding & raising of animals, in particular pigs, poultry, cattle & horses
  • Processing of meat and meat by-products
  • Bakery products & sugar confectionery
  • Chocolate manufacturing
  • Growing of vegetables, roots & tubers
  • Growing of cereals, leguminous crops & oil seeds
  • Production of beer & soda
  • Wholesale in foods and drink products
  • Manufacturing of dairy products
  • Production of animal feed
  • Manufacturing of animal health products
  • Food design

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