Discover world-class pharmaceuticals in Brabant

The accelerated discovery of break-through drug developments are not uncommon in Brabant. Over 5,500 of our people are dedicated to the pharma industry with Pivot Park Oss home to many of them.

Your pharma neighbors in Brabant

Be amongst the pharmaceutical elite

The shared state-of-the-art facilities at Pivot Park have been the catalyst for the clustering of world-class pharmaceutical expertise in Brabant. Lab services, including the Ultra-High Throughput Screening Centre, contribute to a significant reduction in your drug discovery costs and time, meaning you get to ramp up your go-to-market process faster.

Pivot Park is a vibrant community of companies involved in life sciences with a focus on pharmaceutical R&D. The strength of the Dutch life sciences sector lies in collaboration, networking and creating added value. Right now, that is what we do in Brabant. Mirjam Mol - Pivot Park

Pharma logistics hub
Our central location, high tech logistics infrastructure and know-how makes the distribution of your temperature controlled pharmaceuticals to the many medical institutions across the Netherlands fast and secure.

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