Brabant: Lighting up the world

#1 in Lighting | 21% of all lighting firms in the Netherlands | 50% of all lighting jobs in the Netherlands | 2,100 jobs | <55 companies

The evolution of lighting from a mere bulb to LED, OLED or Solid State Lighting (SSD) is happening here and now, opening up new market channels, services and products channels resulting in an ecosystem with virtually no limits. Your smart city, office and home developments as well as applications in safety, smart devices, cars and displays are key areas of focus here, opening up new possibilities for your business and people to grow. For lighting expertise, no other location comes close! 

Your lighting neighbours in Brabant

Invented here
It all started in Eindhoven over 120 years ago when Philips first invented the light bulb and still today, Brabant is proud to be the world’s number one location for lighting.

Knowledge institutes
Collaborate with the best of the best in lighting and participate in exciting new research programs with multiple knowledge institutes:

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