Taking printing to new dimensions

European Knowledge Center | Pilot Factory | Print Valley Consortium combining R&D strengths of global OEMs | Government sponsored association to stimulate R&D partnerships

Printing has come a long way from its beginnings in paper and ink to become a new, advanced technological system for progressive and additive manufacturing techniques. When your business comes to Brabant, you benefit from our long tradition in printing as well as a powerful combination of high tech expertise and logistics know-how. Our rich 3D printing ecosystem combines the R&D strengths of world leading OEMs including Océ, Philips, ASML, Paccar DAF and FEI to enhance your open innovation objectives.

3D printing is a next-generation innovation that is having a major impact on manufacturing by enabling the production of complex, integrated and customised products in a timely and cost-effective way.  It can enable the introduction of new materials into your product development and significantly speed up your go-to-market roadmap.

Your Additive Manufacturing neighbors in Brabant

Research center and fieldlab
Your company can benefit from the expertise available in Eindhoven: the Knowledge Center for Research and Development of Additive Manufacturing in Europe and the Fieldlab MultiM3D, a pilot factory for the industry. The Knowledge Center is built on the existing experience of the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and it will set its focus primarily on smart, personalized and multi-functional products. While the center will be active in the field of applied research to develop innovations that will be released to the market via affiliated companies or spin-offs, it will train experts and scientists as well as stimulate the competitiveness and growth of the industry. Findings of the research will be tested in the Smart Industry Fieldlab MultiM3D, among them will be smart electronics, customized medical products, printed food and pharmaceutical and high-tech products. 

Print Valley
If you’re looking to collaborate and share knowledge, then Print Valley will be of interest to you. This consortium is made up of more than 23 knowledge institutes, universities and high-tech companies of all sizes working together on advanced digital printing applications for fields as varied as displays, solar cells, and packaging and security tags. This initiative has the strong support of the Dutch government which has provided multi-million euro grants to it over the years.

Subsidies and programmes 
Take part in powerful R&D partnerships across the areas of megatronics, nanotechnology and embedded systems with this Dutch government subsidies and programmes

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