Meet the semiconductor giants in Brabant

> 35% of all Dutch semicon companies | 70% of all Dutch semicon jobs

ASML’s collaborative knowledge network is the key to success. That network is broader than just ASML with its suppliers and customers. It is also working with the university and the regional society. We can only perform the way we do thanks to that supply chain, this is essential. Peter Wennink - ASML

To enable the development of semiconductors, MEMS and sensors you need greater efficiency, better performance, new properties and robust quality. As part of the global trillion dollar electronics industry or the movement towards the Internet of Things, you want access to the right expertise, suppliers and networks. You can find it all in Brabant. Our region is at the epicenter of the global semiconductor industry with some of the world’s semiconductor giants based here.  

Your semiconductor neighbors in Brabant

Global tier 1 and 2 suppliers, as well as research organizations, providing the entire semiconductor value chain are based here in Brabant. This includes design and production, testing and system integration through to cluster equipment and materials.  In addition to our strong R&D position, Brabant has the ideal geographical location for you to access the European market. Our  multilingual work force as well as a favorable tax and customs environment, make it an attractive place for the establishment of your headquarters in Europe.

If you want to maintain your competitive edge by having access to a concentration of semiconductor expertise and collaborative networks, then we can help!

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