Fast track to photonics in Brabant

#1 in Europe | Brabant leading Photonics Business Creation growth | Eindhoven University of Technology pioneering photonics chips manufacturing | Indium phosphide chip production on High Tech Campus | 300 scientists dedicated to photonics | Home to Photon Delta and JePPIX ecosystem

Having expertise in photonics at your fingertips could be a smart strategic move. The technology already represents 20% of the global electronics market and plays a role across industries including data communications, information technology, aviation, manufacturing, energy, defense, healthcare and medicine. Photonics is a disruptive technology based on the interaction of light (photons) and electrons (electronics), it has numerous applications for computers, lasers, LEDs, solar cells, sensors and optical chips.

Your Photonics Neighbours in Brabant

In Brabant, we like to rise to a challenge and so fostering new technologies has become somewhat of a specialty here. Researchers from the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) are pioneering the manufacturing of photonics chips and have already been able to reduce your production costs in Europe from €200,000 to around €10,000. You can find a vastly experienced R&D workforce and leading expertise in Brabant in lighting innovations. Photonics technology is on the fast track to growth here.

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