Brabant: Where Smart Mobility is going places

New smart technologies including Connected Car, Traffic Management and Vehicle Dynamic Control are all emerging from Brabant. Their longstanding impact will be profound as the world endeavours to reduce its global CO2 and traffic levels as well as improve safety and comfort.

Wherever you are in Brabant, automotive expertise is close by.  This is particularly concentrated in the southern eastern part of the region where TNO Automotive and TU/e and High Tech Systems Center @TU/e  are located. AutomotiveNL -  the Dutch automotive industry organization – made up of all the major players as well as technology companies and automotive research bodies  - is based on the Automotive Campus situated in Helmond.

Your smart mobility neighbours in Brabant

The Campus offers unique facilities to you as as an automotive sector-related company whether you’re starting up , mid-sized or already large scale. You have access to sophisticated test and research centers and state-of-the-art shared facilities including a public highway for large-scale testing.  Add into the mix the specialised educational institutes and scientific knowledge centers, and you’re smart mobility projects are all set to go places!

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