The Helmond Startup Lightyear receives CES Innovators Award

The startup company Lightyear, which is located at the Automotive Campus in Helmond, has received the Climate Change Innovators Award in the run-up to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Lightyear is founded by former students of the University of Technology in Eindhoven (TU/e) and is developing a solar-powered car. The award is given to companies that help combat climate change through breakthrough innovations. The car has made an impression on the CES organisation, which is a great performance of this innovative startup.

Lightyear plans to bring a commercial solar car to the market in 2019. The first vehicle, the Lightyear One, is charged by solar power and allows it to drive for months without charging. 

“It’s a revolutionary step forward in electric mobility because we are able to combine great looks with extreme efficiency to make the science fiction a reality: most of the kilometers can be covered using just the sun.” Lex Hoefsloot, CEO of Lightyear

The honorary title for Lightyear will generate a lot of extra attention and give them a beautiful spot on the Eureka Park exhibition space of the CES, which takes place from 9 to 12.

Source: E52, TU/e, Lightyear