Breda: the number one city in the Netherlands

For two years, the city of Breda may call itself the ‘best city in the Netherlands’. This is what the jury – consisting of 19 specialists – announced last month. With its rich history, continuous innovation and the plan to become a ‘smarter’ city, Breda contributes to the versatility of Brabant and the Netherlands. But above all, it is an award that Brabant can be proud of. 

“This is a fantastic moment for our city and we have been looking forward to this for weeks. It is a reward for the years of commitment of all partners and stakeholders that are involved in the city. Entrepreneurs, institutions, volunteers and residents; these are all people with vision and courage.” Boaz Adank, Alderman Municipality of Breda

The jury, but as well the visitors, rewarded the city of Breda for all the achieved results. But it will not stop here. Thanks to this award, the attraction of this city will continue to grow. It will stimulate entrepreneurs and attract investors. But above all, it is a title to be proud of. 

Source: Municipality of Breda