American platform for ‘must-have’ sneakers sets-up shop in Eindhoven

StockX, an online resale marketplace for the buying and selling of ‘must-have’ sneakers, streetwear, watches and handbags, that sometimes change hands for thousands of euros, comes to Eindhoven. The American company will open a logistics center on the industrial estate De Run. The vivid urban culture in the Brainport region played an important role in choosing Eindhoven as the location for this innovative type of business. 

StockX additionally has a host of celebrity investors including Steve Aoki, Karlie Kloss, Don C., Marc Benioff, Eminem, Mark Wahlberg, Scooter Braun, and many more.

Certificate of authenticity
StockX was established in 2015 as a sneaker reselling platform. Nowadays, buyers and sellers of high-demand, limited run streetwear, luxury watches and handbags can also visit the online platform. At the end of 2018, the company saw an annual GMV run rate of one billion American dollars and distinguishes itself not only by the large product range, but especially by its service. All items traded via the platform are delivered with a certificate of authenticity. Not a bad idea in view of the huge amounts of money that are sometimes paid for a unique pair of sneakers.

“We have millions of European customers. Our continued international expansion and the addition of a fifth authentication center in mainland Europe is an illustrative example of the ways in which we are working to better serve them. We chose Eindhoven in particular, because of the central location and the logistics network." Olivier van Calster, responsible for European expansion StockX

Urban culture
The vibrant urban culture also played an important role in the choice for the Brainport region. Van Calster: "In the coming months, we will be looking to hire over 100 employees in the area. Most of these people will be checking the quality and authenticity of the items sold through our platforms. If you want to do that well, it’s important to have a deep interest in streetwear and special sneakers. There are many potential employees in the Brainport region who bring that experience and passion to the table.”

BOM Foreign Investments will further support StockX by introducing the company to its extensive network of temp and recruitment agencies. “We will make sure that this valuable new asset to the Brabant business ecosystem is able to have its logistics operation up-and-running by the end of the summer,” according to Maarten Brouwer, senior project manager with BOM Foreign Investments.

Meet and Greet
StockX will be having a ‘meet and greet’ in Eindhoven next Thursday May 16, 2019 from 16:00 – 20:00 at Café Eindhoven, Vrijstraat 9 in Eindhoven.

When choosing Brainport as a location for expanding the world’s first ‘Stock Market of Things’ further into the European market, close cooperation was established with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), Brainport Development and BOM Foreign Investments.

“Together we made it possible to win the international company StockX for the Brainport Eindhoven region. With the help of two organisations in Eindhoven, Dynamo and Modebelofte, we were able to show the rich creative culture the region has to offer. Being able to forecast the future in tech, streetwear, sustainability and fashion convinced them to choose Brainport." John Jorritsma, President of Brainport

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